Sequencing With Lenny

When adding my own sequence, I have to complete it all in one session. Why can’t I save part of the sequence and finish it later?

For this initial release, you must complete all video, audio and text before saving. If you don’t have all the elements you want or have simply run out of time we suggest the following solution: complete remaining elements with anything (e.g. one letter in the text box, any photo from your gallery, a one-word audio), save the sequence and when you return to the app at a later time, simply hit the ‘edit’ button under the sequence title on the “List of Sequences” page and make any changes at that time.

Category Carnival

Why are most pictures photos but some are graphic images?

We did our very best to find good quality photographic images for this app. In a very few cases we could not find a photo that met our strict criteria for inclusion in the app’s image database. We understand that some app users have either visual impairments or visual perceptual difficulties so we didn’t want the images to be too busy. Whenever you see a graphic image instead of a photograph it is because all the eligible photographs were not suitable so we had our artists draw the image for us.

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