Pre-Reading Success Strategies Course Information

Do You Want Your Child to be Able to Make a Good Living When They Grow Up?

Believe it or not, the journey starts now, long before they get their first job.

I know your children may be really young and you may not even have school on the brain yet let alone a job, but here is some information that may bring things a little closer to home for you:

Did you know a person’s income is highly correlated with their ability to read?

Now, this seems logical and yet, most people don’t reverse engineer that concept to think about when it all begins.

Teaching a child to read begins long before they enter a classroom.

It takes 1000 hours of being read to before a child is ready to read.

You see, in order for a child to take full advantage of reading instruction from their teacher, they need to have certain skills in place before they begin to school, and those skills are learned largely at home, with your help.

So what do they need to learn? How can you help them learn when you don’t even know what to teach them?

If you want to make sure your child is ready to learn to read by the time they get to school then keep reading.

My name is Natalie Zacher; I am a speech-language pathologist with hundreds of hours of experience with preschool children. I have worked in many kindergarten classrooms and have seen first hand how effective reading instruction is with children who come prepared to learn to read.

I have also seen how much children struggle when they come to school unprepared to learn to read. The differences are astounding and often, the gap cannot be closed without a lot of very time consuming (and expensive) intervention.

I’m sure you have all heard a story about a neighbor or relative’s child who seemed to be doing okay in school and then they got to grade three or four and suddenly they began having difficulty in school. What happened? How could they go from doing okay to struggling in such a short period of time?

There is a reason that some children experience difficulty at this time in school.

You see, in grades three and four, reading instruction shifts from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. If a child does not have sufficient foundational skills, then they will struggle with this shift. They will not be able to use their reading skills to learn new information easily because they did not have the necessary foundational skills in place.

Their reading skills were not developed enough to handle the ‘information explosion’ that occurs in grades three and four. Those skills need to begin developing in the preschool years.

I saw this preparation gap over and over again and wanted to address it on a larger scale. I wanted to make sure that children were armed with the skills then needed to become successful readers by the time they got to kindergarten. I wanted to arm parents with the tools they would need to help make sure their children were prepared.

So I designed a course for parents so they could make sure their children were in the group of kids who were prepared to become great readers by the time they began school.

The course is called Pre-reading Success Strategies.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to maximize the time you are already reading with your child to prepare them to become great readers.

  • Why some kids do well with reading until grade 3 or 4 and then they ‘hit a wall’. Learn what you can do now to prevent your child from hitting that wall.

  • How to turn even the most mundane tasks into ‘teachable moments’ with your child that will help build their vocabulary and contribute to later reading comprehension.

  • How you can prepare your child for early reading success while baking cookies or doing the grocery shopping.

  • How you can support the five main components of reading instruction so your child is prepared to learn all of them (hint: many preschool programs only focus on two or three).

  • How to target critical pre-reading skills with children who just can’t seem to sit still.

  • How to ask ‘good questions’ during story time to boost your child’s comprehension and critical thinking skills.

  • Why Mother Goose has stood the test of time and the connection between nursery rhymes and early reading success.

  • And so much more.

The course is delivered via 10 video modules:

  • Each module explains one pre-reading strategy and comes with a demonstration. You will learn not only why each strategy is important but how to implement it at home with your child.

  • You also receive activity suggestions that don’t require you to prepare or buy expensive materials. The suggestions were chosen with the busy parent in mind so implementing them is quick and easy.

  • You will receive suggested book lists with certain modules so if you are not sure which books would be best, you can head to the library with the list and be confident that the books you choose will be appropriate for that week’s strategy.

  • You also receive support from a speech-language pathologist throughout the course. If you have any questions or need some support implementing a strategy, I am just an email away.

To learn all these strategies working one-on-one with a speech-language pathologist would cost at least $780. Thanks to the magic of the internet (and online video), you can learn these strategies in the comfort of your own home with support from an experienced speech-language pathologist.

Because this is the first time this course is being offered, you can have access to all 10 pre-reading strategies, the activity suggestions, the suggested book lists and S-LP support for only $37. That is less than the cost of coffee and a cookie to learn each strategy that will help you prepare your child for early reading success as well as life-long success.

This offer is valid until midnight April 30. After that, the course will not be offered again until later in the year. I offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So there really is no reason not to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button and get started today.

You owe it to your child to make sure they enter school with the skills necessary to learn to read so they can be prepared for all that life has to offer. Hit the ‘Buy Now’ button to begin your journey today.




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